Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cherlena & Hector

(Michelle here) Ok- first let me start by saying sorry for always posting 28 images per wedding blog. I am one who falls madly in love with our clients’ stories. Once the wedding has been photographed and all of the editing and color correction is over, I have this NEED to tell these stories! Add just a touch of OCD to that concoction and you have 28 images per wedding blog! So far this year there have been so many amazing weddings with very special stories, but this one was the most heartfelt! I hope Cherlena & Hector don't mind me sharing with you, as this was one of the hardest days to get thorough without shedding tears. I did cry by the way...

Cherlena and Hector’s wedding was supposed to take place in October but unfortunately her grandfather became very ill. They had less than a month to move their entire wedding up and they pulled it off. They were married on 8/22/08 in Santa Barbara and Cherlena's favorite man (besides Hector of course) was able to walk her down the aisle. I know it meant so much to all three of them to have that moment and it meant even more to Josh & I to be able to preserve it for them for a lifetime.

Cherlena and Hector we enjoyed every second of your wedding day and could not have been more privileged to be the ones there with you. Enjoy your story.


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Heather Moreau said...

Ha! After seeing that you were blogging so many images I took it as a personal license to do the same thing because I just couldn't narrow them down!