Thursday, July 9, 2009

lorraine + ray

can i just say one thing...

Jill La Fleur. The woman is amazing and the nicest person I believe I have ever met. Josh & I love working with her...well because... see below. Everything she touches is always perfect!

We also love working with at least two, if not three photographers. The reason I say this is because the first few images you will see on this post are three versions of the same moment taking place. Josh is the full length, Michelle's is the close up and Blake (B2) is the 3/4 black and white. I just thought that it was amazing that the same moment had three very different emotional points of view.

Now on to the most fun and loving couple! Lorraine & Ray captured our hearts the moment we laid eyes on them. They literally had smiles plastered on their faces all day (unless we told them not too)!! This wedding was a true success in every way due to the amazing location and vendors. Here is the list below! Congrats to you Lorraine & Ray! Enjoy!

Coordinator: Jill La Fleur
Location: Gainey Vineyards
DJ: SBDJ's very own Gavin Roy (see image below)
Flowers and such coming soon...

Can you tell we had some fun! Gavin, Josh, Michelle + Jill.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A November Baby!

It's official. I am a future dad. Michelle is a future mom. This is a photo of our future baby boy. WOW!!!!!!!!!! He's coming in late November, just in time for our slow season. Michelle is glowing, feeling great, doing yoga like crazy, and so excited to be a mom! I am feeling excited, nervous, and can't wait to meet our little guy!More updates as we grow!