Friday, June 19, 2009

valerie + nick

Valerie + Nick... oh where do I begin!

For starters these two people were meant to be our friends! After our first meeting and leading all the way up to their wedding we kept running into them! They are both almost doctors and two of the kindest people you will ever meet!

Valerie + Nick's wedding took place first, in Pasadena at Holy Family Church and then all the way over in Malibu for the reception. This gorgeous reception was put together by the amazing Kathy Recchia from Save the Date Events! Valerie had wanted mono-chromatic red, and I do believe she got it!

The little red Austin Healey belongs to Nick's father and was perfectly painted just for this very special occasion!

What an amazing day we had with this couple and a big thanks to B1 & B2 for all of your hard work!

Feel free to venture all the way down to Valerie's beautiful RED dress she changed into for dancing!

By the way here is the link to Valerie + Nick's E-Session in case you missed it:

baby mason magnus

This is baby Mason! He was born to the best parents ever, Peter + Kaye on June 15th at 4:00 a.m. Josh + I were the first to hold him and peer at him very closely through our lenses! He was less than 8 hours old and survived his first photo shoot. Mason has a very long life of many many pictures ahead of him as his dad is the ever amazing Peter Lars from Cornerstone Photography in Moorpark! Congratulations to our two friends! We love you so much and are thrilled to be sharing this very special time with you! We love you!