Thursday, September 10, 2009

chelsea + andy = pimp cups + fluorescent hi-tops

Bridal Pimp cups... you think I am kidding? Not even close.

Chelsea and Andy made this day all about them and I must say it was one of the coolest weddings we have EVA been to. Let's begin with THE most amazing Vera Wang ever made. I have been eyeballing this dress for months and secretly praying that one day I would be able to photograph it. Next, let's move on to the stunning Louboutin shoes with their precious perfect ruffles. From there we move onto the MOTORCYCLE that Chelsea surprised Andy with as a wedding day gift! Never seen anything like it. As promised a perfect ceremony with tears and the Lake Sherwood country Club to use as our playground! Every single purple and green detail was in place as they anticipated their grand entrance. Then came the Fluorescent Hi-tops. I could not contain myself, nor could Josh or the intern B2 and needless to say we have several hundred photos of these beautiful pieces of art. Oh and not only did they wear them, but they rocked them all night with there celebration, blinged-out pimp cups to the tunes of non other than the freakin SPAZMATICS! And ending on a high note, the little kid that sang every word to every 80's song on stage and then threw his body into the crowd for a rather dramatic stage dive! He completely stole the show. (Just for a moment… ) and then Chelsea & Andy rocked it late into the night. Congrats guys we had the best time!