Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sam + shane

These are our beautiful friends Sam & Shane! They are getting married later this year and this is their save the date/engagement session! Josh & I had a great time running all over Santa Monica photographing this HOT couple. LOVE.

Monday, March 23, 2009


It is not very often that you meet multi-talented people such as our friends Freddie & Bree. These girls are not only the best singers around but they can also bust out some flower arrangements when needed! Hence the name: rockrose

Not only did they sing at our wedding ceremony but they KILLED it. They already have three weddings just from singing at ours! They also managed to produce all of the arrangements on our tables which was no small feat. And so, Rockrose was born. Here are a few images that I photographed for their new website which will be up shortly.

Be patient, it’s coming... In the meantime if you would like their information you can contact me at hello@mibelleinc.com and I will pass you along. Thanks & Enjoy their beautiful work!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

addison + preston

As you can tell we have had the pleasure of photographing lots of children lately! We are loving it and having the best time with all of these beautiful kids. If you are interested in a session please contact us at hello@mibelleinc.com.

This is Addison + Preston. Josh & I have been photographing this family since Preston was a little baby. He's so grown up now with quite the personality! First off these are Addison's 1 year birthday pictures! Second big brother Preston jumped in so he could have a picture with his baby sister. Last it was his turn for his close up and since Beyonce is his FAVORITE he decided to have his photo taken with her this time!


This is Hayley! Our friends Jeff + Robin had us over for a delicious dinner and while it cooked we snapped a few shots of their beautiful daughter! Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The B's (like beeez)

These are the B's. The logo was created by the amazing Deb from D-stripe who does all of our web stuff (slightly altered by myself). She also created this B logo for our wedding. Well, it's now being put to good use! These are Mi Belle's newest interns! Bryce & Blake or as we like to refer to them as B1 and B2 (just kidding!).They even got their own logo! Here they are enjoying their first day on the job at Mi Belle. If you call and they answer say hi! They will be with us for a while. Welcome Bryce & Blake to Mi Belle Inc., we are so happy to have you!






Friday, March 6, 2009

baby stella-T-

A sneak peek at today's shoot with the extremely hot Grubaugh family!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

inside weddings

We were so excited that the beautiful Susan + David were featured in the January issue of Inside Weddings Magazine and with our biggest spread ever! Picture both of us morons at Barnes and Nobles running through the aisles with sheer excitement and joy! Yeah... it was fun! Anyway if you have not seen this mag yet here it is! Enjoy!

bride + bloom

I know it's a little late but we do have a good excuse: We got married. And then went on honeymoon (so sad I know..) We are still trying to get it together! Anyway here are a few of the magazines Mi Belle was lucky enough to be published in in January! This first one would have never happened with out our friends Kathy & Susan from Bella Weddings & Events! This is their feature! Congrats!

the best wedding present ever...

This is a great idea for a semi-homemade wedding present. Our friends Peter + Kaye bought us an ice cream maker, and to go along with it made us ice cream pints with custom labels. These labels mimicked the signs we had made for our wedding, logo and all! It was by far one of our favorites! Thanks by the way to Laura Hooper for the amazing signs!

These were the signs we had hanging all over the wedding.

And these are the ice cream pints that Kaye made!