Monday, March 23, 2009


It is not very often that you meet multi-talented people such as our friends Freddie & Bree. These girls are not only the best singers around but they can also bust out some flower arrangements when needed! Hence the name: rockrose

Not only did they sing at our wedding ceremony but they KILLED it. They already have three weddings just from singing at ours! They also managed to produce all of the arrangements on our tables which was no small feat. And so, Rockrose was born. Here are a few images that I photographed for their new website which will be up shortly.

Be patient, it’s coming... In the meantime if you would like their information you can contact me at and I will pass you along. Thanks & Enjoy their beautiful work!


anna joy said...

oooo beautiful!!! i love the different styles and varieties they have. love the pics!

Anonymous said...

i love me some freddie + bree!

kat said...

oooooooooh pretty pretty pretty!