Friday, August 15, 2008

Instyle Weddings

YEEEEOOOWW! We are so excited to announce that Instyle Weddings has featured Andrew & Ivana Firestone's beautiful wedding on their website! Here is the link if you wish to check it out. I know the blog posts have been few and far between lately but I have a ton coming. Check back in the next few weeks for some really amazing weddings. Enjoy!


Denise Karis said...

Oh how cool! I want to try and start doing weddings maybe next year - i cant wait to see what u have coming up too :)

Mimi said...

Published AGAIN! WOW!

Laura - We Vow To Inspire said...

We absolutely love your photography and plan on featuring alot more of your weddings for our Real Wedding Section. Check us out for the initial Firestone wedding you shot. Incredible.

Would love to also be added to your friends section. We are creating a link back to yours as well because we want our readers to be inspired by your incredible work!

We VOW To Inspire

Heather Moreau said...

You guys are so inspirational!