Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The-Un trash the dress.

Josh and I are lucky enough to know these two beautiful people. Nicole and Jared are getting married this summer and between all of the planning Niocle ended up with an extra dress. So here we are at the “trash the dress” conversation. I had never photographed the ever-controversial trash the dress nor did I want to. I love dresses. I think they are pretty and they should stay that way. So I agreed on the grounds that as long as the dress looked pretty, and remained that way, I would shoot it. The pool belongs to Jared’s parents and they were kind enough to even heat it for them! This was probably one of the most fun shoots I have done in a long time and I love the images. We also photographed them earlier in the day for their engagement session that is also a part of this post. Congrats you two! We LOVE you!

P.S. you can follow Nicole on twitter here!



The Bashful Rose said...

amazing as usual... what an artistic eye you have. you are awesome!!

Janae said...

I love these!!!!