Tuesday, November 24, 2009

kelly + pearse

kelly + pearse had one hell of a party. the irish don't mess around when it comes to drinking and weddings, and this reception was no exception. on top of that, kelly from event of the season is a rocking coordinator in the SB area so I had NO pressure on me to make this event superb. kelly brought in some really fun props, and i have to say the bridal party balloon shot is one of my faves of the year. on top of all this the night rocked out with the always spectacular DJ GAVIN ROY from Santa Barbara DJs. it's always a bloody good time with Gavin driving the boat. extra special thanks to maria for killing it with me, 8 mths prego and all! - jb

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Divo & Bryan said...

Gorgeous pictures of a very fun wedding indeed :) You always capture the moments in such exquisite detail. Great job!