Friday, July 11, 2008

US Weekly Magazine!!!

andrew + ivana
We are so excited! We can't thank Andrew and Ivana enough for being so nice, and so easy to work with! The wedding was remarkable and so much fun.

This is a crazy, surreal, joyful, inspiring time for mi belle. Seeing these images in a national magazine, along with E! News, Extra, Daily 10, news shows is beyond what we ever thought we would see. We can't help but smile and jump up and down like excited kids!

Pick up a copy of US WEEKLY today!


rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs said...


Kathryn said...

Congratulations! That is absolutely wonderful for you!

Mimi said...

I am so proud of you!

Denise said...

How wonderful! Really amazing!!

eMVie said...

I Love love love your art work.



Russell Fowler Studios said...

Had a blast shooting Super 8mm Film for Andrew & Ivana alongside you two. You guys rule! Keep in touch. x...Russell