Monday, January 21, 2008

Since When Does Mi Belle Have A Blog?

Since today! As you can see we take pictures of ourselves. These images are the only proof of our existence. We are always the photographers at holiday and family events hiding behind the camera so sometimes we have no choice but to take a self-portrait just to prove we were there.

So hello! We are Josh Beller & Michelle Ferry and we are first and formost photographers! We love what we do and we are so excited that we can now share it all with you as the shooting happens. Please check back soon for our most recent events and baby shoots. We promise not to disappoint and please feel free to leave feed back. Hope to hear from you soon. --josh & michelle


I Love Philippines! said...

Beautiful pics and lovely write up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!!!! I cannot believe how big you guys have come. I just wanted to stop by and say hi. Everyone that sees your books of our wedding are amazed. Just waiting to preggers so that you can take more photos for Chris and I. Talk to you soon.

Heather Denove